“An unforgettable experience for the senses with Yoga in yurt near the Epikourios Apollon”

Neda waterfalls , a place known well only by fairies. Here we are going to seek the rare beauty, we are going to stroll in the green canyons, we are going to dive in the waterfalls which seem like the Blue Lake, we are going to travel mentally in ancient civilizations and explore villages where the time has stopped in one of the least known areas of Pelloponisos.


The village of Abeliona is located between MessiniaArkadia and Ilia. Just 11 kilometers from Abeliona lies the astonishing  Temple of Epikourios Apollon, an UNESCO heritage site. In the village of Abeliona, start the marked paths which lead to a landscape of unparalleled beauty in lush vegetation and founts, where we are going to enjoy for sure the nearby paths. Andritsena, the biggest village, is located in a 15 minutes distance by car and is ideal for strolls in the picturesque alleys.

In a short distance lies Abeliona, which is built on the slopes of a hill with a view to plateau of Arkadia, an area which Is considered to be a place of beauty and spirituality. It is a blessed area where human and nature are in perfect harmony.


In Abeliona Retreat they believe that our body is our personal temple. Keeping that in mind, they prepare a rich breakfast everyday whose menu is based on local organic ingredients. We will also find a lot of fruit, vegetables and herbs, many of which are collected a few minutes earlier from their garden or greenhouse. The eggs come from chickens which feed on nature and grow in the farm. On a daily basis they cook a variety of local dishes, with options for the vegetarians and fans of healthy diet but also those who prefer meat.


It’s easy to release the tension and find inner peace in a peaceful and surrounded by nature location. This is what makes Abeliona Retreat the ideal place for Υoga, and the specially shaped for meditation Yurt.


In a fast paced world, the ability to keep inner peace and balance is necessary. There are different ways to accomplish that. You can either choose the peaceful feeling of meditation in nature or the adrenaline of Rafting on the nearby river Lousios and the trekking on the marked paths and finally the pleasure of a meal in an organic restaurant. In Abeliona Retreat we will choose the path that suits us more.

There will be a series of Hatha Yoga practice which helps in the maximization of pranayama effectiveness, aiming to improve strength, alignment and activation of the upper part of the body, something that will help us discover the flow of prana Vayu. It is directly associated with the cardiac function and as a result the energy centre anahata. We will give emphasis on exercises to stretch the stern. The key power is balance. If our cardiac tsakra is closed our core suffers. Our breath is shallow and the metabolism and the phusical energy are reduced


Yoga Instructor

Fotini Bitrou (Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga)

Fotini comes from Aegina and operates the Kouros studio in the town of Aegina. She is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Certified teacher and graduate Gymnastics Academy (Athens Physical Education). Formerly a nationwide champion in 800m and 1500m athletics.


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