Perfectly blending in the lush, verdant scenery, Abeliona Retreat lies comfortably on the mountain slope, as a physical extension of nature’s unmatched aesthetics. This beautiful arrangement of low-rise, stone built houses scattered on the foothill, reveals a world where man and nature coexist in perfect alignment. This idyllic property includes 22 spacious accommodations complemented by beautiful indoors, such as the lounge, the restaurant and the organic shop, as well as outdoor areas, such as the pavilion, the resting area and of course the 80sq.m. yurt.

The Lounge

After a full day of activities, hikes and walks, seek out the lounge area that is located on the ground floor of the main building.

The Suites

The retreat offers 22 spacious rooms built in traditional Arcadian style. The 13 Junior Suites and 9 Family Suites come with a fireplace and all modern comforts, from Wi-Fi to bath amenities.

The Yurt

Lying serenely on the highest point of the property, the yurt affords a truly remarkable view. This 80 sq.m. energy-emitting dwelling boasts a unique spiritual ambiance, and is dedicated to yoga, meditation and all kinds of therapeutic group activities.

Our Cuisine

At the Abeliona Retreat we believe that one’s body is one’s temple. With respect to nutrition, we offer a rich breakfast buffet and menu dishes based on local recipes and certified organic ingredients.