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Date / Time: 05/09/2021- 12/09/2021

Second journey in the series Expedition to the Gods – a philosophical quest to understand the “crazy” Olympian gods and to grasp their essence

Artemis and Apollon: You, the huntress and dancer, the enchanting beauty and sometimes shockingly cruel. He, the sublime and enraptured, the musician and guardian of order. Two deities in which the ancient Greeks perceived the magic and meaning of living nature condensed into form – in Artemis under the aspect of the untouched, virgin wilderness, which is always withdrawn from humans and which nevertheless magically attracts and enchants them; in Apollo under the aspect of the eternal laws and principles, which all life follows and which every person is called to respect in order not to succumb to hubris. Apollo and Artemis, the divine siblings, are perhaps the most important deities for a time that will only escape ecological catastrophe

One of the best preserved and most spectacular temples in Greece is the Temple of Apollon Epicurios – in the middle of nature and far from any civilization, we can reach it on foot from our hotel. Perhaps the most beautiful work of art, which like none other shows the essence of Apollo, we marvel at on a trip to Olympia, where he was worshiped together with his father Zeus. The sanctuary of Artemis is the free and wild nature. So we will spend a lot of time in the mountains and in the forests of Arcadia to inhale their minds.


Day 1: Arriving
After your individual arrival, we will meet you at Athens airport and drive with minibuses or rented cars across the isthmus from Corinth to Nemea, where we will make a stopover to marvel at the remains of the Zeus Temple. Then we continue into the mountains to our quarters in Abeliona, where we move into our rooms in the pretty stone houses before we are expected for dinner.

Day 2: shine. The myth of Apollo
The first morning is dominated by poetry and myth. Starting with pieces from ancient literature, we will familiarize ourselves with the most important traits of Apollo. After a light lunch in the hotel, we hike on the “Trail of Healing” in one and a half hours to the temple of Apollon Epikourios, which is hidden under a tent for restoration reasons, but is exceptionally well preserved. Its spectacular location in the midst of untouched nature will nevertheless inspire us – a good place to recite some old hymns in honor of God and to feel his spirit.

Day 3: harmony. The god of the philosophers
Apollo is the god of the philosophers. Not only because great thinkers like Pythagoras, Plato or Plotinus were considered to be his incarnations, but because that aspect of the living cosmos that was revered in it is best suited to be translated into the language of the term: as the God of harmony. In the morning we learn what a prominent role Apollo plays in the form of the “idea of the good” in Plato’s philosophy and why he was considered to be the “educator of the Greeks”. The afternoon is dedicated to a mythological constellation, during which you have the opportunity to feel the essence of Apollo in the mirror of some pictures.

Day 4: Your Highness. The most Greek of gods and the most natural of all goddesses
We leave early in order to visit the magical waterfall of the Neda after a short drive and a short walk, where we meet Apollo’s sister Artemis in the hymn and myth. Then we continue to the beach of Kakovatos, where we have lunch in a fish tarverne after a refreshing swim in the sea. Then we drive to Olympia in about half an hour to admire the most impressive of all Apollo portraits in the archaeological museum. In the afternoon we explore the excavation site on a guided tour and learn everything there is to know about the Olympic Games. After that we have earned a delicious dinner. We return to Abeliona late in the evening.

Day 5: purity. The Myth of Artemis
Today we turn to the older sister of Apollo: Artemis. We deal with the mythological tradition and learn to understand to what extent the diverse aspects of this virgin goddess harmonize wonderfully: She is the spirit of the pristine wilderness – which we will explore after lunch in the hotel when we are on the “Sacred Trail” in a good two hours “Hike to the altar of Zeus on the summit of the legendary Lykaios. There we will hear more myths of Artemis before we stop for a picnic and start our way back in the early evening.

Day 6: far away.
To consider the nature of the wilderness of Artemis means to fathom the mystery of living nature. In the morning we let Artemis invite us to explore the magic of the wilderness. After the lunch break we come together to put ourselves in the shoes of Artemis with the help of small myths. In the late afternoon we walk the « Trail of Freedom » in an hour to the sources of the Neda, a romantic river that owes its name to a nymph from the retinue of Artemis. In the nearby village of the same name, we gather under an ancient plane tree for dinner before walking back to the hotel by moonlight and understanding why Artemis is a nocturnal goddess.

Day 7: healing. Why we need Artemis and Apollon
After breakfast we drive down to Gortyns to the excavations of a temple of Asclepius, the most famous son of Apollo. There we learn everything worth knowing about the god of healing. Then we hike 1.5 kilometers into the wild Lousios Gorge to visit the spectacular Hagios Prodromos monastery built into the rocks. Then we return to the Georgantas tavern before starting our way back.

Day 8: Transfer to the airport in Athens.
After breakfast we drive back to Athens airport (arrival approx. 1 p.m.)

Travel information:
Costs: Course fee € 700 (incl. Guided tours, admissions)
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9-seater or self-rented car (flexible decision, in accordance with Covid19 requirements).
(Additional transport costs approx. 100–150 euros per person).
Double room price including half board € 550 per person Single room price including half board € 815 per person We have included half board in the above price. There is also additional food for the excursions, etc.
The accommodation and the food, each person pays independently on site to the hotel or the corresponding restaurants. We allocate the costs for on-site transport according to the number of cars or minibuses required. We ask for your understanding that we simply cannot calculate these costs at the moment.

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