Through age-old paved paths that link forgotten villages together and mountain trails, Abeliona Retreat is your starting point for day trips and visits to cultural treasures and well-preserved ancient sites: the Temple of Apollo Epicurius on the way to the traditional village of Andritsena, the miraculous church of Saint Theodora in Megalopolis, the majestic waterfalls of Neda and Mount Lykaion; known since antiquity, the village of Karytaina with its 13th century Frankish Castle and of course the sacred grounds of Ancient Olympia. Discover something new every day by merely allowing your senses to be your guide.

Visit the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the best preserved classical antiquity, the temple of Apollo Epicurius was built in the 5th BC century by Iktinos. The monument can be compared in importance to Acropolis. According to the myth the inhabitants of the area of Fygaleia dedicated the temple to Apollo, when he helped them to overcome a major epidemic. That was the reason why they called him “Epicurius” (for the cure).

Visit ST. Theodora Church

Legend says that before her death, Saint Theodora begged for her hair to become trees, her blood to shift to river and her body to a church. The small church of the 12th AD century, located in Vasta, has in its roof seventeen trees that pass through the walls and the roof. Even today visitors can see the water gushing from the foundations.

Discover Neda’s waterfalls

Neda is the one and only river in Greece with a female name, which derives from the ancient nymph Neda, one of three nymphs who nursed the god Zeus. The impressive waterfalls falling from a height of 7 meters (the lowest) and 20m (the highest) form a beautiful, turquoise small lakes that-especially in the summer – give visitors the opportunity for a quick refreshing splash.

Wander the medieval town of Karytaina

Karytaina first mentioned in the 13th AD century. Today is characterized as a traditional settlement. The medieval castle and the plethora of Byzantine churches complete the picture. The main attraction is the well preserved Frankish castle, built on top of the hill, which was also used as the base of Kolokotronis activities during the Greek revolution of 1821.

Walk in the backstreets of Andritsaina

It is built on a green slope of Lykaion. Andritsaina is a city which was developed in the 12th-13th AD century. The picturesque village welcomes every year thousands of visitors who come to admire the mansions, the backstreets and the square with tall trees that capture traditional greek villages. The Big Spring (Trani Vrisi), located there, is the oldest of the Peloponnese and was built in 1724.

Organize a trip to Ancient Olympia

The first evidence of human presence in Olympia date back to the 4th millennium BC. This period was the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the permanent venue of the ancient Olympic Games. Fair enough, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and this is a reason in itself to visit and feel the special energy.