Lately we have mapped 26km of sign posted trails around the Abeliona Retreat. The Apollo Trails! This is the time to wear your sports outfit and explore! Pick a bike and enjoy unique forest trails or go rafting in Lousios River, one of the best descents in Greece. The area is ideal for outdoor action! Ask us for availability.


The hiking paths Apollo Trails that we have marked all over the area around the Abeliona Retreat, are ideal to feel the special energy of the area, get in touch with nature and to release all your senses. It is a network with a total length of 26km, that leads you to breathtaking routes between the impressive chestnut and the stone built villages around it.

Mountain Bike

The forest paths and the mapped trails around Abeliona Retreat are as if they were made specifically for the chevron tires of mountain bikes. The soft soil, the altitude differences and the continuous alternations of landscape make the perfect background to add a small dose of adrenaline in your day, but also to work out all of your body. And if you do not have your own bike you can always rent one at the reception.

Rafting in the Lousios river

It is considered to be one of the most complete and beautiful routes in Greece, as the combination of the Arcadian landscapes and the impressive passages is really unique. Crystal waters, vertical cliffs, natural tunnels of plants and trees as well as rare birds, offer a unique experience for everyone, since all it takes is to be in a good physical condition and to have swimming knowledge.

River Trekking

The canyon of Neda is a hidden, lush natural paradise. The crossing develops in its most beautiful part, as you pass through natural pools, narrow walls, and underground caves, to reach after about 4 hours to the impressive waterfalls. All you need is basic fitness, closed sandals or shoes that do not slip and your swimsuit.


The varied topography of the region makes it ideal for trekking. Put on your most comfortable boots and navigate through shady forests, mountain narrow paths and old stone built villages, some of the most stunning points of Arcadia. There are plenty of routes among which you can choose according to your physical condition, but most of them pass through green forests of plane trees or fir trees with abundant waters in the path.


The diversity of the landscape with its many mountains and canyons, gives us the opportunity for impressive air rappelling. Learn the basics of the technique of rappel, admire the view from above, “walk” in vertical cliffs and land with safety. The huge smile on your lips and an adventure that you will tell for years, are just the reward for your courage.