he “Silent Minds, Dreaming Souls Happiness Retreat is a “call” for you, to become a Dreamer of Dreams, retreating in the sacred area of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius (the god of Light) in a full Moon week and perform your Dreams in the Sleep & Dream performance as the Full Moon will be rising behind the Temple.

Sleep & Dream performance as the Full Moon will be rising behind the Temple


This retreat is for you, who you are longing to enter the realms of dreams with your spiritual heart, learn how to practice day & night dreaming and how to embody your dreams through breath work, meditation, movement, chanting, connection with nature, journeying & journaling.

You are invited to join this immersive and transformative journey that will take you deeper into your self with an abundance of joy and gratitude.

Greek god Apollo is known in ancient Greece for his many qualities: the Olympian god of music, prophecy and oracles, song and poetry, healing and light.

This retreat is an once -in -a lifetime experience as we will receive abundant energy and healing light from the sacred ancient Greek area of Figaleia and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius (the healer)

You are invited to join this immersive and transformative journey that will take you deeper into your self with an abundance of joy and gratitude.

Kindly see all the details, registration requirements and prices here

Apostolia Papadamaki
The Happiness Retreat Founder & Teacher

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