7-day Thai Massage Training Retreat


A 60-hour training for the massage which is applied with clothes on and suits everyone, will take place on August 21-27 (7 days) in a very energetic place, the village of Abeliona, with Nektaria Kapoula as teacher.


Her vision and her goal regarding this training is to create space into your hearts and hands, enhance students into feeling the body as “a whole” with the mind and soul, and start deepening the connection between.


During this week you will enjoy truly unique vacations in nature, away from every day’s anxiety, a turn inwards to learn how to take care of yourselves and invest in the quality of taking care of your beloved ones.


A few words about the Art of Touch – Thai Massage Training Retreat


Touching someone’s body is like touching their inner world, their past experiences, and their whole existence. Thai Massage is a therapeutic art with 2500 years of history, while it’s applied with comforting results for a variety of every day needs.

  • It helps reduce muscle pains, headaches, lower back problems, neck stiffness and joints mobility.
  • It helps with digestion and internal organs wellbeing.
  • It helps reduce levels of anxiety, depression. Studies have shown that our feelings are captured in our muscles, so releasing this tension has multiple effects in our physical and psychological well-being.

Thai Massage is so much more than a simple massage. This ancient art of touch, combines slow rhythmic pressure that allows the body and mind to relax, with acupressure in certain points and areas that stimulates blood circulation and moves the lymphatic system, ideal for detoxifying from the stress and tiredness of everyday life.


Thai Massage Training Retreat will help you take your everyday life to a new restful level. If you feel depressed after a long day, guaranteed after an hour of Thai Massage you will be in peace and quiet.


A few words about the Training


Date: Friday, 21/8 – Thursday, 27/8

Arrivals: Friday, 21/8 after 14:00

Departure: Thursday, 27/8 at 19:00


All included price*:

    1. Staying at Abeliona Guesthouse [dormitory guest house with 6 double bed rooms, 2 toilets (men/women)]: 640€/per person
    2. Staying at Abeliona Retreat (Junior or Family suites in case you need your own private space for these vacations): 795€/per person
      • 6 nights/7 days retreat
      • full board
      • breakfast in the guesthouse every day at 9:40-11:00 (includes: coffee-tea, toasts, butter, honey, marmalade, cake)
      • lunch & dinner
      • 10 hrs every day training in:
      • vipassana meditation
      • yoga
      • thai massage
      • breathing
      • mindfulness
      • kirtan
      • Visit to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius (ticket is included)
      • Hiking to Neda’s Waterfalls (with hiking guide)


Thai Massage is applied on a mattress on the floor with the receiver dressed in relaxed clothes.


* The participation price includes the entire indicative program.


Indicative daily schedule of the Thai Massage Training


08:00-8:30          Vipassana meditation, silent meditation

08:30-9:40          Yoga

9:40-11:00          Breakfast

11:00-13:30        Thai Massage Training

13:30-16:00        Lunch/Rest

16:00-19:30        Thai Massage Training

19:30-21:00        Dinner

21:00-23:30        Evening Program- Kirtan & more

00:00-10:30        Noble Silence


Important Information


Attending in all activities is optional. For those who wish to get certified is mandatory to attend the Thai Massage Training hours (11:00-13:30 & 16:00-19:30).

  • 3×Manuals included
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certification from the Ministry of Education & Health of Thailand with extra test +100€

Information about the teacher: www.facebook.com/nektar.yoga.massage, https://ypernoisis.gr/natural-iealing/viografika-synergaton/item/1169-nektaria-kapoyla


Registrations – Clarifications:

WhatsApp Phone Number: +306980805594

E: nektar.yoga.massage@gmail.com



May the paths of those who travel in life with the divine light as a guide always meet.


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